COM502 – Case Study

1.List your goals for the situation To resolve each conflict so each member will happy within the business. It may be a difficult process but it's optimal to have all members of a business to be happy and working efficiently as a team. Have Maria and Mike take more responsibility with in the business. Maria and... Continue Reading →

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DES501 Assignment 2 Reflection 5

We have done it. We have made our way through the sludge and busted out through the glass ceiling!. Assignment 2 is done and dusted. After messaging Amber, she thankfully agreed to rejoin the group so we could finish the assignment. Although I don't believe she acted in the correct way throughout the assignment, she... Continue Reading →

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DES501 Assignment 2 Reflection 4

Unfortunately, the conflict has escalated to the point where Amber has left the Facebook group.  Finn got involved in the argument trying to get clarification on what he and Emil should be doing for the assignment. Amber stated their behavior was "unjust and uncalled for" and Finn replying to Amber stating her behavior was "unacceptable".... Continue Reading →

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DES501 Assignment 2 Reflection 3

It feels as if the tension between Amber and Emil is a lot stronger and every time I open the Facebook group chat a new argument had arisen. I'm not sure if there is personal issues between them, if there is, I am hopeful they can put it aside for the sake of the team.... Continue Reading →

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DES501 Assignment 2 Reflection 2

In DES this week we began learning about different development methods such as Waterfall and Agile. Our team was assigned with the Agile and method, which was intriguing to me as this was the first time I had heard of it. Each group was to create and present a short powerpoint presentation to explain and give... Continue Reading →

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COM502 The First Day

A post about our group presentation we had today about communication.   Who did all the work? I believe we divided the work between the the five of us equally. Each member had good answers to share. Who did all the writing? Three of us wrote, but we all put our ideas in. Who was... Continue Reading →

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WEB 503 – Final – Blog 4

This is the final blog before I present my website. Overall, I underestimated how difficult this assignment would be. My first mistake we using a picture for a background for a solid color. A lot of different issues come up at the starting point of the creation of the website because of the image background,... Continue Reading →

WEB503 Blog – Finishing Up

My website is nearly complete! I have been adding the final bits of content inside the website. Including the picture for the slideshow on the events page. Each slide shows who is playing which instrument on which day. The customer is able to cycle through the days of the week. It may be a little... Continue Reading →

WEB503 Blog – Hosting

I have uploaded my website and it is now being hosted by Altervista! It can be quite the mission to upload and update every thing on the Altervista website and get every working properly. For example, my slideshow wasn't display all the pictures on the hosted website but was fine when viewing it in Web... Continue Reading →

WEB503 2 – Blog 2 – Navbar

I have the designed the basic wire-frame of the website and put the most of the content that will be used inside Web Expression. The content hasn't been placed properly as I will do that in the coming days. I've placed a working navigation bar at the top of the website with the four pages... Continue Reading →

WEB503 – Blog 1

I have began my brief for the website I intend to create for the WEB503 Assignment. My plan is to create a website for a Jazz bar located in the center of Nelson which goes by the name of Chet's. I thought it would be cool to create a website for a business instead of... Continue Reading →

DES501 Assignment 3 – Reflection 5

The presentation is done! I was very happy with the design I produced considering I only had a couple of days to learn Axure. Although I'm happy with the overall design, there is definitely changes I would make next time. For example, there was a suggestion during the presentation about the priority of the buttons... Continue Reading →

DES501 Assignment 3 – Reflection 4

The website is finally finished. Trying to juggle the designing and development of the website this weekend with my Brothers Birthday, work and my other classes has been extremely stressful. I've tried to learn to use Axure as possibly as I could and I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement within... Continue Reading →

DES501 Assignment 3 – Reflection 3

There had been a very minimal amount of communication within the group which was disappointing to see. I thought we had parted ways with our issues from the second assignment and would be working together as a team to complete the third assignment. We hadn't had a single group meeting which was the polar opposite... Continue Reading →

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