The First Day – COM502

A post about our group presentation we had today about communication.   Who did all the work? I believe we divided the work between the the five of us equally. Each member had good answers to share. Who did all the writing? Three of us wrote, but we all put our ideas in. Who was […]

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COM502 Gender Inequality

Today we delved into the conflicting topic of gender inequality in a business. Belma began with an explanation of the the issue and how it occurs in businesses and general society. Using our COM502 class as a broad example, the males greatly outnumbered the women. Why are there a lot less woman in IT? We […]

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DES501 Assignment 1 Update 2

With no replay from Call a Geek yet, I felt after my attempt to search for information about the business on Linkedin I would try to dive deeper in to the web for any other websites that may provide me with important intelligence to analyze. I started with a simple google search of the company […]

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DES501 Assessment 1 Update

I went into Call a Geeks website, searching and analyzing answers for my first assignment. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot listed in the content that gave me the information I needed. I did a quick search on Linkedin for any potential data but to no avail. I wanted to know what the specific roles/positions were […]

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DES IT Glossary

Different IT Job/Roles/Positions – Programer Designer DevOps – Development Operations Analyst Technical Support Networking Scrum master Testers Sales Product manager Accounts manager Vocabulary – Communication Interaction Inference Content Relationship Intrapersonal Interpersonal Levels on communication – Intrapersonal Interpersonal Group/Teams Organisational Mass

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Observing Body Language

  I think body language plays a bigger part in communication than the majority of people realize. What is our body doing while we are verbally communicating? I chose my Dad as a target for my observation of body language. I approached my Dad as the moment he arrived from his run, he turned to […]

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COM502 Assessment 1

As I began my search for a New Zealand based IT company on Google I started to think how many specialties and components to IT there really was. From Software Developers, Networkers, Data Analysts,┬áto Data Warehousing managers and Storage Architects. While the search on the internet continued I made the decision to narrow my choice […]

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CSA502 – The Power Supply

Today we began to understand the computer power supply. A computer supply is taking AC power from the outlet and converts into DC power. While the conversion is happening, some of the power is lost and exhausted as heat.     We were given a supply to examine and contemplate how we would upgrade it. […]

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